Welcome! Firstly, thank you for seeking me out. We realise you have a choice in Mac nerds on the internet; your patronage is greatly appreciated.

I’m Sebastian Nash (a.k.a. sebbo), of London. After graduating from Durham with a degree in AI (fancy!), I dabbled with a career in video games, some silliness ‘revolutionising’ software distribution, then found my niche as a IT consultant specialising in Apple technologies.

This freelance work proved successful enough to develop into its own business. Now in its 9th year, pebble.it has established itself amongst the top outfits in the field. We’ve fixed, built, run, devised, scrutinised and advised on all manner of IT matters; managed the devices, services and infrastructure of home offices, “celebs”, startups, small businesses, medium businesses, enterprises and multi-national corporations. Oh, and we just released our first product, Sal. Check it out!

As of 2013, I’ve been living in Dushanbe, Tajikistan (you’re in the majority if you’ve never heard of it); accompanying my partner (she works for DFID). The challenges of working from a somewhat backward place have been, well, trying to say the least. Recently I decided to take my final 6 months here as sabbatical and plan to return to pebble.it in full force early 2015.

Below is a snapshot of topics that I’m currently interested, experienced and/or expert in. Apologies for the list format, I’ll try to wrap it in a more interesting narrative soon.